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Thessaloniki and nearby escapes

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Thessaloniki travel 

Thessaloniki is a strategically located city nearby beautiful places for vacation and exploration, like Halkidiki and mount Olympus. A convenient way to reach and explore these places is to rent a car from Thessaloniki


Discover the breathtaking beaches and enjoy the natural scenery with the characteristic pine forests that reach down the sea.

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Some destinations from Thessaloniki to Halkidiki and distance by car

Halkidiki, Kassandra

47min to Nea Poteidaia

1h to Sani beach

1h to Afytos village & beach

1h 20min to Possidi beach

1h 25min to Paliouri beach


Halkidiki, Sithonia

1h 20min to Calogria beach

1h 25min to Ormos panagias beach & Agios Nikolaos

1h 30min to Karidi beach

1h 40min to Porto Carras

1h 47min to Kavourotrypes beach

2h to Porto Koufo



Live a divine experience on the abode of the Gods.

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Climate and weather

The climate of Thessaloniki is Mediterranean.
Autumn begins in late October, when the first rain and low temperatures occur. January and February are normally the coldest months, with temperatures around 0oC, while some days temperature reaches below 0. Rainfall is frequent, with large intervals of sunlight. Days with freezing or minus temperature for more than 24 hours are extremely rare. There is snowfall during some winter days in the northern parts of the urban area and the outskirts of the city, but it rarely snows within the city. Spring begins in early March, with long sunlight and sudden changes in weather and temperature. There are high temperatures during the day and low temperatures during the night. April is similar to March, but with higher temperatures. The weather becomes stable in May, with the first signs of summer. June is a pleasant summer month, while July and August are characterized by high temperatures approaching or even exceeding 40oC. September is a pleasant month without sudden weather changes and with very pleasant temperatures. 

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Time zone

Greece follows Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) from the last Sunday of March (31 March 2019) to the last Sunday of October (27 October 2019), which is three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Useful phone numbers

Thessaloniki area code (30) 2310

  • Emergencies
    • European Emergency Number 112
    • Police 100
    • Fire department 199
    • Ambulance 166
  • Hospitals
    • Hippokration (+30) 231 331 2000
    • Papanikolaou (+30) 2313 307000
    • A.CH.E.P.A (+30) 2313 303775
    • Gennimata (+30) 2313308100
    • Aghios Dimitrios (+30) 2313 322100
    • Aghios Pavlos (+30) 2313 304400
    • Theagenio (+30) 2313 301111
    • Hospital of Skin Venereal Diseases (+30) 2313 308880
    • Psychiatric (+30) 2313 324100
    • Chronic Disease Hospital (+30) 2313 320001
    • Papageorgiou (+30) 2313323000
  • Taxi services
    • Taxiway: 18300 and 2310 866866, more
    • Makedonia: 18288 and 2310 555111, more
    • Taxithess: (+30) 6972 154 399, more
  • Transport Customer Service
    • Railway Customer Service Centre 14511, more
    • Urban Transportation 11085, more
    • Intercity bus station (+30) 2310 595400, more
    • Airport (+30) 2310 985000, more